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In general the coordinates in psl files are “zero based half open.” The first base in a sequence is numbered zero rather than one. When representing a range the end coordinate is not included in the range. Thus the first 100 bases of a sequence are represented as 0-100, and the second 100 bases are represented as 100-200. There is another little unusual feature in the .psl format. It has to do with how coordinates are handled on the negative strand. In the qStart/qEnd fields the coordinates are where it matches from the point of view of the forward strand (even when the match is on the reverse strand). However on the qStarts[] list, the coordinates are reversed.


class Blat


this function is used in calculating percent identity direct translation of the perl code (

def millibad(row: Dict, is_protein: bool = False, is_mrna: bool = True) -> float:


  • row (Dict)
  • is_protein (bool)
  • is_mrna (bool)


  • float


direct translation from ucsc guidelines on replicating the web blat score

below are lines from the perl code i've re-written in python

my $sizeMul = pslIsProtein($blockCount, $strand, $tStart, $tEnd, $tSize, $tStarts, $blockSizes);
sizmul = 1 for DNA
my $pslScore = $sizeMul * ($matches + ($repMatches >> 1) ) - $sizeMul * $misMatches - $qNumInsert - $tNumIns
def score(row: Dict, is_protein: bool = False) -> int:


  • row (Dict)
  • is_protein (bool)


  • int


given a 'row' from reading a pslx file. converts the row to a BlatAlignedSegment object

def pslx_row_to_pysam(
    row: Dict, bam_cache: BamCache, reference_genome: ReferenceGenome
) -> SamRead:


  • row (Dict): a row object from the 'read_pslx' method
  • bam_cache (BamCache): the bam file/cache to use as a template for creating reference_id from chr name
  • reference_genome (ReferenceGenome): reference sequence by template/chr name



converts the blat output pslx (unheadered file) to bam reads

def process_blat_output(
    input_bam_cache: BamCache,
    query_id_mapping: Dict[str, str],
    reference_genome: ReferenceGenome,
    aligner_output_file: str = 'aligner_out.temp',
    blat_min_percent_of_max_score: float = 0.8,
    blat_min_identity: float = 0.7,
    blat_limit_top_aln: int = 25,
    is_protein: bool = False,
) -> Dict[str, List[SamRead]]:


  • input_bam_cache (BamCache)
  • query_id_mapping (Dict[str, str])
  • reference_genome (ReferenceGenome)
  • aligner_output_file (str)
  • blat_min_percent_of_max_score (float)
  • blat_min_identity (float)
  • blat_limit_top_aln (int)
  • is_protein (bool)