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class mavis.annotate.fusion.FusionTranscript

inherits PreTranscript

FusionTranscript is a PreTranscript built from two parent PreTranscripts. It has most of the same functionality as a regular PreTranscript except that it will not have a parent gene and retains a mapping of the new exons to the exons in the PreTranscript they originated from

Additionally the FusionTranscript is always constructed on the positive strand.

The preferred way to construct a FusionTranscript is through the build method.


def __init__(self):


determine the side of the transcript 5' or 3' which is 'kept' given the breakpoint

def determine_prime(transcript, breakpoint):


  • transcript (Transcript): the transcript
  • breakpoint (Breakpoint): the breakpoint


  • PRIME: 5' or 3'


  • AttributeError: if the orientation of the breakpoint or the strand of the transcript is not specified